How to Socialize Your Kitten


My favorite seasons used to be centered around food and activities. I love autumn for the foliage and all the festivities. During the winter I love enjoying delicious Florida citrus and long hikes without the fear of snakes. After getting my first job in animal welfare, I discovered why summer is more exciting than just trips to the beach and holidays featuring hot dogs – IT’S KITTENS!!

I should take a moment to interject how sad it is that so many animals have to live without loving homes and that many of these cats will live a life riddled with disease, parasites, and unnecessary hazards. It’s my hope that one day we’ll be able to control the population and stop the spread of disease.

Until then, kittens born to unaided cats come to us in droves during the summer. It’s absolutely the cutest time of year. There should be kitten season songs and a mystical mascot like Santa. Or Kitty Kringle! It’s that awesome.

It was easy to take on extra shifts at the shelter and clinic during these adorable months. In fact, it

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How to Prepare for a Horse Show


With spring in the air and competition season beginning it’s time to get serious about the upcoming show season. Preparation is key, for both you and your horse. So work out what you’re doing and when and work out a schedule to build up to it.

Getting your horse show ready

  • Once you know what shows you’re entering, practise for that event. Try lengthening and shortening stride so you can get the right distance between jumps, and always practise on fences slightly higher than those in the show. This way your horse should be calm and composed on the day. And similarly for dressage – you need to be confident that your horse can comfortably perform everything asked of them, so it’s a good idea to show them at one level lower than the level they perform at home.
  • During the winter months, like humans, horses can lose some fitness. Work on building it up again to get them back to their peak for show season.
  • Get grooming and trimming to make sure your horse looks his best.

Preparing for a show

Think about everything you’ll need

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Importance of Socializing Your Canine Companion

Socializing your canine companion with people and other canines is very important. It is best to start socializing as young as possible. In doing so, it can help prevent certain aggression problems later on.

A friend of mine Jen; has owned her dog Diesel, since he was 11 weeks old and he is now 12 years of age. Diesel was socialized as a pup but only to a few other dogs, so as he got older he showed more aggression towards dogs he was unfamiliar with. Diesel also had some aggression towards people, but only when they were walking or moving away from him. He would be the dog to bite you on your way out the door not as you were coming in. When Diesel would act afraid of something; say a sign on the side of the road, Jen would pick him up, instead of encouraging him to approach the sign. Now, in Diesel’s mind, the sign is something to be afraid of. Think of a child falling down and scraping its knee, the bigger the fuss, the more the knee hurts, the more the child cries.

When Diesel was about 7, I introduced Jen to Mark, a friend

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Tips for Attracting Cardinals to Your Outdoor Area

The Northern Cardinal is a very common bird found throughout most of the eastern and central states, the entire south, and much of the southwestern United States. They can be in yards, gardens, woodlands, even deserts and have greatly increased their breeding range over the past 80 years. The Northern Cardinal does not migrate in the winter therefore providing shelter, proper food, and fresh water will entice them to visit your yard with enthusiasm and continue to do so throughout the year.

Northern Cardinals prefer dense shrubby areas such as forest edges, overgrown fields, hedgerows, backyards, marshy thickets, mesquite, and ornamental landscaping. Cardinals nest in dense foliage at heights ranging from 3 to 12 feet off the ground in many kinds of trees and shrubs. You will find them nesting in dogwood trees, honeysuckle vines, grape vines, red cedar trees, spruce trees, rose bushes, blackberry brambles, elm trees, sugar maple trees and box elders. They do not nest in bird houses or nesting boxes.

The diet of these beautiful red birds consist mostly of seed and fruit for the adults and the nestlings are fed mostly insects. Cardinals eat many kinds of birdseed. The Northern Cardinal’s strong thick bill is perfect

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The Mysterious Pelican of Rhodes

When I was a young man, my perception of what was real and possible in the universe was based on the premise that “facts” and “logic” were the cornerstones of what was widely acknowledged as “reality”. I adhered to this misconceived notion unquestionably, not realizing that there is indeed magic in the world, and that we often only have to be in the right place, at the right time to discover it.

My concept of reality was about to change forever on the enchanting island of Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes is replete with mystery, as it was once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes, a huge bronze statue erected in 280 BC, which at over 30 meters tall, stood majestically guarding the harbor.

It was within this mythical setting that I found myself with my traveling buddy and good friend Wendell. Wendell and I had been traversing throughout Europe for several months, and had ventured to Rhodes with the intention of viewing the spot where the famous statue had once stood. We were captivated by the beauty and allure of the island, and intrigued by the inexplicable feeling in the air that this was

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5 Pet Birds That Make Great Additions to the Family

Birds are amazing creatures that could be a great addition to your family. When choosing a pet bird, you will want to find the bird most compatible with your lifestyle and living situation. Here are some of the most popular birds that make the perfect pets.

The Parakeet (Budgies)

This is the favorite of all pet birds. These birds are the perfect choice for new bird owners or adults with children living in their homes. Even though the parakeet is not as large as its cousins, it will still require the same type of respect and care as a parrot. Due to their size, parakeets do not require a lot of space and they are easy to maintain. You can choose from a variety of colors, including red, purple, blue and green. Parakeets are smart enough to learn various words and phrases; however, most of these birds are content with whistling and singing. The average life span of a Parakeet is approximately 12 to 14 years.

African Greys

This is one of the most intelligent birds to choose from. African Greys have a very large vocabulary, and once you learn how to care for them properly, these pet birds are easy to train.

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What Kind of Saddle Pad Is Best for Your Horse?

Antiquated individuals were entirely substance to ride horses without Saddles. To be sure, in numerous parts of the world individuals still do ride “bareback” and it can even be a valuable path for riders to enhance their feel for the horses developments. Be that as it may, anyone who wishes to ride in rivalries, on the streets, or realize a large portion of the methods connected with English and Western riding should utilize a saddle.

Saddles gave to learners at riding schools are regularly broadly useful saddles that can oblige a scope of various body sorts. Yet, for anyone who has their own horse, they should purchase a saddle that not just suits their shape and size, but the sort of riding that they will be doing and their horse’s body. Consequently, it’s crucial to have a careful learning of the distinctive sorts of horse riding saddles and what every one is utilized for. With an awesome information of riding saddles, you’ll have the capacity to locate a suitable one for you and your horse.

It is profoundly prescribed that before purchasing a seat an expert saddler from the equestrian shop measures up your horse and he knows the orders the horse

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5 Things You Need to Know About Parrots!


Parrots are beautiful birds with very distinct colors. You may have seen one in the wild or even own one as a pet. However, we wanted to give you some important facts about their behaviour that makes them different from your average companion animal.

Here are a few of our favorites about them:

1. Parrots prefer to have their head feathers stroked towards their beak

While your dog or cat may appreciate being stroked from head to tail, this is often merely tolerated or it can be sexually stimulating to companion Parrots.

I prefer to see a Parrot who fluffs his head feathers up in a big ball in anticipation of a few head scratches. Touching on the head is definitely a great way to foster your relationship. They will like it!

Look at your bird’s body language to guide you as to whether your Parrot is just taking it or can’t get enough.

2. Puking on us is how Parrots show love

Isn’t that a funny one? Yes, it is true, this is not a joke!

Parrots may try to dribble this usually smelly gooey mush into your hand

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